Three elements that effortlessly intertwine to create a space that brings you into a vibrant theatre of coal-mastery, sushi artistry and masterful mixology.

Going back to nature is our primal need. In a world that continues to gravitate towards the unnatural, our aim is to create a space that takes you back to authenticity, returning us to an earthly connection.

This is meditative gastronomy, appealing to the conscious and subconscious.

From our store design to our menu, every element is sourced from nature in its truest possible form, in-keeping with sustainable and responsible sourcing.

Read more about our roots and we aimed to created a space that takes you back to authenticity. 

Join us around the fire.

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A simple description of Binchō-tan is white coal.

In reality though, it ’s so much more…

Impeccable quality and very expensive, Binchō-tan is branch-shaped charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking to enhance the flavour experience. Produced through centuries of artisanal skill and craftsmanship, it is the epicentre of our concept and cooking methodology. It is cooking from the absolute source.

Binchō-tan is formed through a meticulous and systematic process of placing high-quality wood in a kiln for five days at around 240ºC, after which the temperature is raised to around 1000ºC. Once fully pyrolyzed, it is taken out and covered in a damp mixture of earth, sand and ash, giving it a ceramic-like form that burns fluorescent.

The result is a literally white-hot charcoal that is pure, emits almost no smoke when burning, infuses food with rare and delicate flavours, and when struck gives off a metallic ring, leading to it being used as wind chimes. Little is actually known about the molecular structure of Binchō-tan, only adding to its wonder and charm.

Binchō-tan is the fuel that fires the flavours and fragrances of KōL Izakhaya.

It is the burning centre of all we do and reminds us to always enhance.