Restaurant Reservations & Seating Policies


All Reservations are managed and conducted strictly through Dineplan via our website or


Lunch: From 12:00pm. Online Reservations close at 11am.

Dinner: Last Orders 21:45pm. Reservations close at 17:00pm.

Reservations are Limited to 12 guests online.


Large Reservations:

For reservations of more than 12 people, please email: [email protected]

Set Menus, Deposits, Gratuity and Minimum Average Charge per Person may be applicable.

Booking deposits are refundable if cancelled within 48 normal hours’ notice prior to the confirmed booking time.

Deposit Terms:

All refunds on all/any deposits will attract a R250 Administration Fee

Private Dining Room

Minimum of 12 Guests.

Minimum Service Charge of 15% applies due to additional resource allocation.

Maximum Time Allocation of 4hrs Applies

Minimum Surcharge of R8 000.00 per reservation

Reservation Terms

­­­­Reservations without e-mail confirmation from Dineplan will not be accepted.

No reservations at the Sushi Bar or Robata Counters are permitted, to allow for walk-in guests.


KōL Izakhaya tables will be held for a maximum of 20 minutes after your confirmed online reservation times, thereafter, tables will be released, or as in the case of no-shows.


KōL Izakhaya reserves the right to relocate your reservation without any guarantee of relocation time.

Table Allocation:

Although we always strive to ensure you the table of your preference, we cannot guarantee this at all times.

Online reservations may include seating allocated at our Sushi Bar or Robata Counter ie. Seating at tables is not guaranteed.


All menu items subject to availability and price changes and/or without notice.

Pre-dinner drinks:

Pre-dinner drinks in the KōL as Ice Mixology Bar and Lounge area do not require reservations, however, we advise you to arrive at least 30 minutes – prior to your reservation time. Places at the Bar are not guaranteed, in order to account for walk-ins and queue management.

Dress Code:

Our dress code is ‘smart casual’.


Consumption of own brought food or beverage is not allowed unless by prior arrangement with Management.

Corkage – Champagne: R350.00

Corkage – Intl Wine: R200.00

Corkage – Local Wine: R100.00

Corkage – MCC: R200.00


KōL Izakhaya is a non-smoking restaurant.


KōL Izakhaya welcome children. We do however require diners who bring along their children to ensure that the children are seated at the table during dinner and ensure that they do not disturb other diners in the restaurant at any time. No high chairs and changing tables are provided.

Trading Hours:


Open 7 Days a week, Lunch & Dinner. Last Orders Strictly at 21:45pm, Sundays at 9pm

KōL-as-Ice Mixology Bar & Lounge: Last Round calls are applicable at venue discretion.

Right of Admission:

Right of  Admission is Reserved

Contact Information:

Shop 7-10 Middle Mall (Level 4) Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, Cnr. Jan Smuts and 6th Street, Hyde Park

[email protected]

Contact Number: (010) 900-2415

A simple description of Binchō-tan is white coal.

In reality though, it ’s so much more…

Impeccable quality and very expensive, Binchō-tan is branch-shaped charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking to enhance the flavour experience. Produced through centuries of artisanal skill and craftsmanship, it is the epicentre of our concept and cooking methodology. It is cooking from the absolute source.

Binchō-tan is formed through a meticulous and systematic process of placing high-quality wood in a kiln for five days at around 240ºC, after which the temperature is raised to around 1000ºC. Once fully pyrolyzed, it is taken out and covered in a damp mixture of earth, sand and ash, giving it a ceramic-like form that burns fluorescent.

The result is a literally white-hot charcoal that is pure, emits almost no smoke when burning, infuses food with rare and delicate flavours, and when struck gives off a metallic ring, leading to it being used as wind chimes. Little is actually known about the molecular structure of Binchō-tan, only adding to its wonder and charm.

Binchō-tan is the fuel that fires the flavours and fragrances of KōL Izakhaya.

It is the burning centre of all we do and reminds us to always enhance.