FROM THE HOUSE OF SUNTORY – The Oldest Distillery in Japan – Since 1923


A blended whisky from Suntory’s three distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu & Chita. Toki has a different composition to another Suntory blend, Hibiki, as its main components are Hakashu single malt & Chita grain whisky. Fun fact: ‘Toki’ means ‘time’ in Japanese.


Kakubin was first created in 1937 by Shinjiro Torii, Suntory’s founder and first Master Blender. Though initially named “Suntory Whisky,” it was known lovingly as Kakubin, or “square bottle,” due to its unique design. That name and square-cut, tortoise-shell design have remained for more than 80 years, a symbol of Suntory’s commitment to unwavering quality. With a sweet aroma, rich flavor, and dry finish, Kakubin is a highly versatile whisky, and the Kakubin highball is the go-to for many Japanese when they go out for a night of food and drink.

Nose: Big scoops of fresh cereals and honeycomb ice cream. Light spiciness to it.

Palate: More honey, now with the addition of citrus peels, peppercorn and cinnamon.

Finish: More honey’d barley.


Harmony – a rather apt word to describe this well-balanced Japanese blended whisky from the Hibiki range. Hibiki Japanese Harmony is made with malt whiskies from the Yamazaki & Hakushu distilleries, as well as grain whisky from the Chita distillery. The whiskies are drawn from 5different types of cask, including American white oak casks, Sherry casks & Mizunara oak casks. The blend itself was crafted by the Suntory Whisky blending team, led by Master Blender Shingo Torii. An elegant expression, with wafts of honey, orange, a herbaceous touch or two & light oak.

THE YAMAZAKI SINGLE MALT – Distiller’s Reserve

The Distiller’s Reserve joined the Yamazaki core range in 2014. Composed of young whisky matured in ex-red wine casks (Bordeaux) vatted with older malts that were matured in ex-sherry casks (aged approximately 20 years) & Mizunara (Japanese) oak casks (approximately 12+ years). Bottled at 43%.

Nose: Vanilla, honey & cherries along with raspberry jam, hints of raisin & fragrant wood spices including fresh oak, cinnamon, nutmeg & sandalwood.

Palate: Cocoa powder, ginger, toasted nuts & a floral incense note. Very refined with the sweetness continuing from the nose with added coconut, icing sugar, bitter orange, cinnamon & oak.

Finish: Sweet & syrupy to start & then developing to spice & oak. Slightly astringent from the wine casks with hazelnuts.


From the Japanese distillery that started it all, & the best-selling single malt in Japan, we now have limited stock of the elusive Yamazaki 12yo from Suntory. Bottled at 43%.

Nose: Tropical fruits in the form of peaches, pineapple & grapefruit balanced with soft clove spice, candied orange & vanilla.

Palate: Coconut & cranberry with fresh butter.

Finish: A long finish with sweet ginger & cinnamon.

NIKKA / From the Father of Japanese Whisky, Masataka Taketsuru


Nikka From The Barrel is a combination of the company’s two single malt distilleries, Miyagikyo & Yoichi, blended with grain whisky that is also produced at Miyagiko. The blend is then “re-racked” (returned to casks) for several months to allow the blend to marry & the flavours to integrate. Bottled at 51.4%. (Bottle size 500ml)

Nose: Medium-body with good balance. There are notes of cut flowers & fresh fruits, spice & a little oak.

Palate: Full-bodied & punchy. There is plenty of winter spice & toffee, a little caramel & vanilla & a good mouthful of fruit.

Finish: Long, warming & fruity with a little oaken spice.


Nikka Session Blended Malt Whisky is the first brand new Nikka in six years! This drop beings a world blend of malts from the Miyagiko, Yoichi, and Ben Nevis distilleries. Nikka Whisky purchased the Ben Nevis Distillery in 1989 and have been using components in many Nikkas Whiskies since.
This release from Nikka has aromas of pineapples, apples, blackcurrant, pears and leafy mint. Across the palate the fruit has dried up, leading us instead to peppercorn and a healthy serving of woody malt, of course. The malt wave continues to the finish with heaps of dark chocolate malt bitterness. Slightly peaty at the end.

Nose: A rich, colorful basket of fruit with apples, pineapples, pears and blackcurrant, A helping of leafy mint happening as well.

Palate: Those fruits have dried up! We also get peppercorn later on. And healthy serving of woody malt, of course.

Finish: That malt wave brings plenty of bitterness with it. Slightly peaty to finish things off.


A blend including whisky from Nikka’s two distilleries, Yoichi and Miyagikyo, The Nikka 12 is a well-balanced blend. There’s green-apple freshness, rich fruitcake spiciness, butterscotch and some green-peppercorn punch.

Both lively and serene. Dark chocolate provides the backbone of mouth-watering bitterness. On one end, the malted barley extends to earthier notes, while on the other, fresh fruits (apple, prunes, mirabelle and greengage plums, pear) are reminiscent of a plentiful harvest. With air, honeyed and floral notes (lilac, lilly of the valley) make their appearance.

Nose: Punchy and spicy, with green peppercorns battling it out with red fruits, butterscotch and nutmeg. Precise and poised.

Palate: Rich, clean fruit – greengages and Granny Smith apples. Vibrant fruit-cake notes with a hint of toffee and sweet spice to smooth things out.

Finish: Very fresh despite the richness, this is a class act. Refreshing and moreish.


Niigata is known in Japan for its “Three White” treasures, i.e. snow, rice & sake, & a naturally blessed environment for pure water source. Made in Niigata, Shinobu (meaning “Forbearance” in Japanese) whisky is hand crafted by the creative master blender, Mr. Usami, by carefully selecting whisky from different distilleries which are first reserved in ex-sherry & ex-bourbon casks & then finishing them with precious Japanese Mizunara oak. The blended expression contains 50% malt & 50% grain. Naturally coloured & bottled at 43%.

Nose: Butter, Coconuts candy, mint, grass, wood.

Palate: Smooth, a bit oily, hint of Chinese incense, butter, vanilla.

Finish: Sandalwood, vanilla.


Niigata is known in Japan for its “Three White” treasures, i.e. snow, rice & sake, & a naturally blessed environment for pure water source. Shinobu means “Forbearance” in Japanese as it is how the distiller’s spirit should be when making quality whisky. Shinobu whisky is h& crafted by the creative distiller, Mr. Usami, by carefully selecting whisky from around the world which are first reserved in ex-sherry & ex-bourbon casks & then finishing them with precious Japanese Mizunara oak in Japan. The result is a unique fusion of flavours & dynamic explosion in palate yet so smooth & easy to drink. All natural with no colouring.

Nose: Vanilla, plums, minty.

Palate: Slightly sweet, spices, vanilla, citrus, smoky oak.

Finish: Medium, sweet, woody, minty, slight bitterness.


Originally a sake producer, White Oak was the first distillery in Japan to obtain a whisky license in 1919, however, have only been making whisky in more recent years. Matured in three different types of casks: Spanish sherry oak, American oak & ex-bourbon casks. Non-chill filtered, naturally coloured & bottled at 46%. (Bottle size 500ml)

Nose: Sweet, light iodine & clove.

Taste: Pleasant bitterness, full-bodied depth with spice, peat-like character & a hint of aniseed & candied ginger.

Finish: Light smokiness with some tannin.


This time around though it’s even more special. As I explained when this release was announced, a sake cask is an especially rare breed of cask, given sake typically isn’t aged for a significant amount of time. & even if it is for a long time, that generally doesn’t happen in oak casks. So yeah, this is only whisky in the world aged in American oak ex-sake casks. Don’t be fooled by the 3-year aging — it’s already quite amazing where it is. 50% abv isn’t absurdly high but I did find this one better with a couple drops of water.

Nose: Malted milk balls, walnuts, & vanilla yogurt that you left on the counter overnight. Later on, there’s a bit of peat that comes through as well, but it’s not very pronounced. Finish: Leather, black tea leaves, & a wonderful mild dry peat that last you the rest of the way

Palate: Bittersweet oranges & a fruit basket are the first thing that hit you. Give it a few more seconds for a velvety mix of chocolate-covered banana, pears, & apples. Dreamy


Akashi whisky is manufactured at the Eigashima White Oak distillery, the first Japanese distillery to obtain a whisky manufacturing license, in 1919. This single malt was matured in bourbon barrel #101486. Bottled at 50%


A single cask Akashi from the White Oak distillery in Japan. Matured in an ex-Oloroso sherry cask (number 101475) with only 1,020 bottles produced, exclusively for Africa. Non-chill filtered, naturally coloured & bottled at 50%.


A blended malt whisky from Toashuzo Co, the previous owners of the now legendary closed distillery, Hanyu. Sanmi-Ittai is a Japanese translation of the Latin, Trinitas, in reference to the three founders of the distillery. The blend is said to contain Hanyu as one of the components, but it’s not likely to be much based on the rarity & price of Hanyu. As per most blended whisky coming from Japan, there is sure to be some non-Japanese whisky as well. The blend is married in a single cask & released in small batches. Bottled at 57.3%.


The KAMIKI story takes place in a truly ancient l&, one of spiritual & carnal harmony, in the temples of Nara in Japan.

The ancient capital of Japan, Nara holds many temples from the 8th century that imperturbably give the holy capital its power.

Inspired by beautiful breezes coming from the Mountain of the God,  the KAMIKI name is derived from “KAMI” meaning “GOD” & “IKI” means “BREATH”.

KAMIKI is a celebration of the timeless alcohol tradition of the region by blending a Japanese-style whisky that harmonizes Japanese nature & artisanship, choosing rare Japanese malt whiskies, the finest malt whiskies from the rest of the world & fusing this unique blend with the highest quality pure spring water from Japan.

Yoshino Sugi, most commonly known in English as the “Japanese Cedar” is indigenous to Japan. For centuries it is being used to make temples. Japanese Cedar is also known for its pleasant fragrance & soft texture that help calm the mind & the body. KAMIKI goes through a Unique Second Maturation process using Yoshino Sugi, producing a whisky that calms the mind & body.


Yoshino Sugi is considered to be the best wood for making local drink casks because of its scented refreshing flavor & wooden aroma. Our blend is rested for a second time in Yoshino Sugi casks to capture a perfectly smooth taste, a scent of sandalwood on the nose & a zest of green tea in the finish. This second maturation makes our whisky unique.


First whisky brand in the world with Japanese Cedar Cask finish

Extraordinary. Ultimate Recommendation! Sandalwood aromas, robust & exhilarating on the nose. The cedar cask influence is immediately apparent in the mouth, filling the palate with spicy wood flavours. Robust coffee & hints of dried fig deepen the layers.

KAMIKI Intense Wood

Exclusive version of Kamiki, aged longer in Cedar casks for more intensity

Extraordinary. Ultimate Recommendation! Demure aromas of freshly cut wood & button mushrooms – decidedly earth-driven. Intense on the palate with explosions of toasted tobacco, sweet cinnamon & back-notes of Cedar, finished with roasted honey.

KAMIKI Sakura Wood

First whisky brand in the world with Japanese Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tree & Cedar cask finish. Also, the first ‘Triple Cask’ finish whisky in the world, first matured in Oak, second in Cedar & lastly in Sakura casks

Ripe banana on the nose with candied chestnuts, cinnamon & a hint of pine. As you continue to sniff, a distinct warming woodiness comes through, reminding one of a forest. These combine with a center palate woodiness, sandalwood & gentle spice, before sweet cherries cut through the more savory notes, leading to a floral, spring-like finish.

UMIKI / Osaka / Japan


Umiki is world’s first ocean fused whisky brand finished in Japanese pine barrels. This unique production technique also gave the name to UMIKI – Ocean tree whisky whereby “UMI” means “OCEAN & “KI” means “TREE” in Japanese.

Umiki is a sustainable whisky where only pure ocean water is used for blending. Umiki is committed to share the value of living in harmony with our beautiful planet through the lifetime of Umiki.

To honor the life-giving ocean & the long-living pine tree that graces coasts of Japan, Umiki is blended pure desalinated ocean water with ocean side distilled Japanese malt whiskies & imported grain whiskies after finishing curation in Japanese pine barrels.


Exceptionally smooth to our whisky with sea-breeze on the nose, rounded floral taste on the palate & a soothing freshness in the finish.

It is in this spirit that we are delighted to offer you our ‘Mizu’ menu, in celebration & respect of water, our most precious resource, from Mother Nature, our most precious & respected source.

A simple description of Binchō-tan is white coal.

In reality though, it ’s so much more…

Impeccable quality and very expensive, Binchō-tan is branch-shaped charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking to enhance the flavour experience. Produced through centuries of artisanal skill and craftsmanship, it is the epicentre of our concept and cooking methodology. It is cooking from the absolute source.

Binchō-tan is formed through a meticulous and systematic process of placing high-quality wood in a kiln for five days at around 240ºC, after which the temperature is raised to around 1000ºC. Once fully pyrolyzed, it is taken out and covered in a damp mixture of earth, sand and ash, giving it a ceramic-like form that burns fluorescent.

The result is a literally white-hot charcoal that is pure, emits almost no smoke when burning, infuses food with rare and delicate flavours, and when struck gives off a metallic ring, leading to it being used as wind chimes. Little is actually known about the molecular structure of Binchō-tan, only adding to its wonder and charm.

Binchō-tan is the fuel that fires the flavours and fragrances of KōL Izakhaya.

It is the burning centre of all we do and reminds us to always enhance.